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Report - Bagneux Quarry, Paris, Feb 2015


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Carriere des Bagneux. This is a system of the greater Paris quarries, situated in the suburbs, outside the periphreque. Very low and stoopy in a lot of places, there are a number of lovely sights concealed within. One area, which I did not enter, is very low and highly polluted from machine oil that seeped through the ground from the railway workings above. On one map there are warnings not to use carbide lamps, or any naked flame there. I definitely headed the warnings after smelling the hydrocarbons, and decided that a few low oily passages weren’t worth it.

The old abri (bunker) was originally for the evacuation of people from a nearby station. Otherwise, there are some beautiful concretions in the systems, but low throughout due to typical ‘hague and bourrage’ stone extraction techniques.

This was the last of our ‘three systems in three days’ trip. We popped the plaque with Garou Garou, Discoplane and Discoplane’s girlfriend, went on a bit an explore, then returned with Garou Garou to meet La Cigale at the base of the puit. We drank wine, ate cheese and hammocked in the abri to commence photos on the next morning.

Signage in the abri

Salle de Puit

Ladder to lower level

Supporting pillars near the polluted area

Ceiling concretions

The abri

Ventilation bricks in the abri

Descent to the lower level of the abri from cata level


Fear is the little death
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Absolutely gorgeous mate, if you don't mind I'm gonna nick the B&W ladder shot for my desktop.

Oxygen Thief

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Bagneaux - the home of many a scuffed head and damaged camera.

Did you see the old German 'escape tool box'?


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Cheers chaps.

Bagneaux - the home of many a scuffed head and damaged camera.

Did you see the old German 'escape tool box'?
Indeed it is!

Yeah, just behind the ventilation bricks still. The stretchers are still around too, I didn't get any good shots of those though.

The Franconian

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fuck man, this is much cooler than I thought.
Can't believe that I stood above it last week and was too scared to do it on my own.
I'm just scared to get trapped in it, when doing alone