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Report - Balkan Ghost Town, Bulgaria, April 2012


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At the risk of pushing the term 'urban' to its widest possible limits, here's my report from a remote ghost town in the Balkan Mountains.

The village is at an altitude of around 700m, and the views are just beautiful. There are probably about 15 houses here in total, split between two small clusters roughly 200m apart from one another. A few are still owned and have padlocked doors - most though, you can just walk straight into.

In most of the towns and urban areas here you'll find that abandoned buildings are looted and trashed within days of being left vacant. Here though, many of the houses have survived over a decade, with televisions, tools and other furnishings still in place. The reason for this is that the village is just so remote - it's miles and miles from the nearest occupied hamlet, and there's no way you're getting up here without either 4-wheel drive, or a very determined donkey.

A few of the houses are already falling down, with collapsed roofs and rotten wooden floors. Some of these are now being used as storage space for random tools and agricultural equipment - including one derelict house which was completely full of wooden beehives!

For more photos check out the full report on The Bohemian Blog: Forgotten Ghost Towns of the Balkans

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