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Report - Balleyvourney de Salle College, Ireland 30/05/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Speed.

The college is set back from the road running through the village of Balleyvourney but it can be seen very clearly as you drive past. This was one of the sites I was most looking forward to on the trip because I'#d watched a film a couple of years ago that was filmed here. "Song for Raggy Boy" is a film about abuse in boys schools in Ireland and it's got Aiden Quinn and a few other famous faces in (highly recommend it).

It's very bare inside but has an eerie historic feeling that I've only ever got in one other place and that was Eastmoor Secure Unit in Leeds. A lot of the rooms have been painted and fake walls put in for filming but apart from that, it's pretty much as it was left it seems. The dormitories are all upstairs and there's a hall on the middle floor.

Thanks to JDholic and Irishmanlost for information on this place as it was quite hard to navigate in parts with its sporadic boarding attempts. It was reminscent of popping in and out of tubes in hamster cages (not that I've ever been a hamster but I was empathising)

Here's the photos:)




















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I should have danced all night
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Slightly worrying

lovely tub

the front of the building

scary kid statue comes as standard

more frontage


stairy stairs

blocked up doorway-position of the cross made me LOL

follow me to the ends of the earth




8/10 on the scary staircase scale

5/10 because it's going up instead of down and it's got a bunny sat on the steps


frontage plus


keeping the kids in
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