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Report - Ballyloran House - Larne, Northern Ireland (September 2017)


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This is my first report (horrah!) so bear with me!

Note: My pictures for this one aren't great as I used my phone camera.

Ballyloran House, Ballyhampton Road, Larne (the address is readily available online on the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society flikr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/uahs/sets/72157629255163236/) is a listed building, dating from 1868. It was (clearly) once an outstanding house with some fantastic outbuildings and grounds. I have struggled to find out any further history on it unfortunately.

I read some time ago that there was an outcry over the potential de-listing of the property - despite this, the building has continued to 'fall into disrepair'. The current owners were asked to deal with the problems of vandals and people accessing the house (the site in general is extremely accessible from the main road and there is nothing in place to restrict access to the grounds), which resulted in them pouring a large concrete mound 'thing' over one of the side windows so people could not get inside. Result - no access through the window but a total eyesore and further damage to the house.

They did not, however, elect to restrict access through the front doorway, which lies wide open.

Additionally, you can now walk up the concrete mound and access the window on the second floor.

Thank you for looking and reading!











by Jules.

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You need to include some snaps in your report mate. I took a peek at your Flickr and it's a good start to a report. I would probably get some internal shots to make it complete though.

Nice one for posting. Look forward to further posts from you in the future.

Mortified but don't know how to get the pics up. I attached them?!

EDIT - Winning at life once again, managed to get the pics up lol Thank you! :)
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