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Report - Bamburgh ROC Post - Northumberland Group - 16/05/10


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28DL Full Member
I've been far too inactive exploringwise lately, climbing up, and sliding down mountains in the snow, blowing things out of the sky, and other wintry fun has taken up too much of my time lately :rolleyes:

So when I spotted a familiar silhouette on a hill whilst South of the border this weekend, I had to take a nosey, even if I had no tripod with me...

Bamburgh ROC post was originally a master, although someone's had it away with the dome :


It's in a cracking elevated position, overlooking Bamburgh Castle, and the Farne Islands :


Externally, it's pretty rough, with the concrete around the hatch broken off, and the hatch mechanism is knackered too, presumably after a forced-entry. There is some timber lying around, possibly someone is thinking of effecting a repair to the hatch...


Internally, it's in pretty good nick, if a bitty stripped. There's still a fair bit of paperwork, all comms are stripped though.



ROC wellies remain :)


Toilet facilities are all present and correct :


As ever, looking up :rolleyes:


I suspect this might be being used a 'geo-cache' site, there was a guestbook, with a lot of recent signatures, and people mentioning leaving things in the post. No damage though, apart from the exterior, so all good :)


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