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Report - - Bankside 3, London - 23/02/07 | High Stuff |

Report - Bankside 3, London - 23/02/07

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Palace Fan

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Heading west, having seen a luffing crane near the Millenium Eye, we were again thwarted, by a 'no-goer'.

We headed south of the Thames to a pack of cranes that I had been watching.

Access, as usual, although cameras were on all entrances and corners of the site, the lense's were never gonna be anywhere near powerful enough to pick us up. This site had more security then normal though, with a second skin of hoarding around the crane base. This didn't really prove too much of a problem.

Up on the platform we found too almost comfortable platforms. The crows nest was a must but not having any rails, I decided the not to leave the ladder.

The weather guys got it spot on, rain after midnight, hence the small amount of shots. It was a constant battle with the rain to get any.







28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Bankside 3, London - Report - 23/02/07

was great to get back in to london and do some climbing, felt the lack of it in recent weeks when i was halfway up and out of breathe. Only thing that kept me going was the guy in his office that i was parallel with..


Palace fan looking towards the Tate M



round this one off as we were leaving but as you can see the rain was flooding in.

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