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Report - Banner Hill WW2 anti-aircraft gun site - Leek Wooton Warwickshire - February 2014


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Hi, our first explore for a while, but something a little different and very local.

In the second world war mainland UK put down a load of heavy anti aircraft gun sites, strategically placed around high risk targets like Coventry. We decided to pay a local one a visit recently.

Hopefully this link goes to google for an aerial view ;


Perhaps a less spectacular urbex exploration, but hopefully of interest to those into military sites. I'm afraid not many tales of hard access or being chased off by security guards, only sheep and lots of mud present for us!


One of the large threaded bolts that would have secured the gun to the ground


Breeze block walls that look remarkably new, with some cracked plaster and old electrical works


Resembling a sheep shed on a hillside, hard to imagine this was part of our air defences 50+ years ago - this was the control room


Concrete floor is in sections and some stalactites starting to grow from the ceiling - these are 'straw' like - hollow and quite rare (i've been told at a popular tourist attraction)


Room with a view


Recently tidied out by some local enthusiasts / historians - amazing good condition


Last year there had been a re-enactment weekend, with some posters on the wall to help recreate the atmosphere


Each of the 4 gun emplacements is 1/2 buried in the ground


One of the gun emplacements with the bays probably used for storing shells


A nice little mooch - very eerie and poignant.

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