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Report - Bannockburn ROC Post - October 2010


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I wasn't going to put this up as there was a report from two years back, http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=32072, but as there's been some changes I thought I'd include it

Entrance shaft. Totally open. The lock cover for the Torlift hatch is jammed shut. I'm staying with my sister, who is a 41 year old single woman whose entire toolkit contains a screwdriver that wouldn't open a plug to change a fuse, let alone secure a nuclear bunker. The hatch doesn't close properly, letting in water


Couldn't get any further. The grill seems to have been put in upside down and you can't get it out. Note the extra plates and bolts.


View down the entrance shaft. I've enhanced this a bit. There's about a foot of water at the bottom and what looks like a higher tidemark. Its flooding due to the hatch not shutting properly


FSM pipe and vent shaft


Telegraph pole. Nice weather in Scotland


Thanks for looking

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