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Report - Baptiser / Moonwalker, Birmingham - Feb 2010


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I thought I'd start the post with a couple of points to keep in mind when going underground in Birmingham.

  • Do not watch the coconut as it floats past you down the drain.
  • Do not look at random pipes above you whilst walking along.
  • Slipping over down on to one knee does not class as a wipeout.
  • Do not fall on to your knee. It hurts. Ask God.
  • It is best advised to video every near-miss for later comical enjoyment.
  • Always check for porn.
  • Handrails are mainly for decoration. Do not lean on them.
  • If you find a glove, it's Gods.
  • Bring spare underwear if heading straight to work.

We've been meaning to do more underground exploring around Birmingham for a while, and now we're all equipped with waders, Bubblehead, God and myself headed down to Baptiser for a look-see.

Baptiser is downstream from Moonwalker, which then leads on to Crystal Phallus. This trip saw us cover Baptiser and some Moonwalker, but time was against us so vowed to return another time to finish them off. The Hockley brook used to be an open air channel taking water through the city, but with industrial growth and city expansion it was culverted over.

The Baptiser itself is a thigh-deep section of culvert with a few feet of head room. The name is extremely suitable, with God being the only one to make it through dry. I didn't get any photos of it, but Bubblehead did. We opted to go topside before going back through on our way back to save time and dryness.


Got brick?






Flap of doom.


Proz. Bubblehead & God.


Long ting.



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I have one tip regarding all of this (akin to your advice as per the start of the report)

Dont let Brummigem Drains let you nearly miss your coach back to London.

I only DIDNT because said coach caught a dose of the flat batteries thanks to that mangy shed that was the replacement, while Digbeth was being rebuilt.

MMMm i like Birmingham now ;)

Red Beasty

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Where do the names of the drains come from ?? Like moonwalker and optimus prime ?? are they nicknames in the community ? excellent work by the way.


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Good fun, these two, good to see pics again. Last time we were in there it was icy, plus the usual slipperyness made it ridiculous!!!

Where do the names of the drains come from ?? Like moonwalker and optimus prime ?? are they nicknames in the community ? excellent work by the way.
First to explore gets naming rights! Walk in Moonwalker and you'll know where the name comes from. I've not been to Baptiser yet, but the name explains itself and there's reference in the report too!


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Great pics! :)

I visited this drain just over a year ago and there were loads of coconuts down there back then! wtf?
This was also the only drain I have properly fallen over in whilst being distracted by things that weren't directly in front of me. Moonwalker is a damn slippy bastard.

Red Beasty

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Thank Raddog. It all makes sense now. Don't fancy getting baptised there myself tho ta very much.

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