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Report - Barbour Threads, Lisburn 28/12/09


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Clocking in....about 6 months too late but nevertheless, here. Barbour Threads is in Lisburn, near Belfast and me and Speed went here with JDholic and Irishmanlost on our crazy trip to Ireland earlier in the year. Looking back at the photos, it makes me miss my D90 so much! The complex is massive and we didn't get the chance to go round all of it but the stuff we did see was pretty fantastic:)

Here's some history from this website:


HILDEN Mill has a long and prestigious history in Lisburn and as the end of an era draws near many local people will be recalling their own memories of Barbour Threads.

In 1784 John Barbour, who hailed from Scotland, established a linen thread works in Lisburn.

At the same time his son, William, bought a derelict bleach green at Hilden and set up business.

Later, the thread works were transferred to Hilden and as early as 1817 it was employing 122 workers.

In 1823 William Barbour bought a former bleach mill at Hilden and built a water-powered twisting mill.

The Linen Thread Company was founded 1898 and it quickly became a large international company.

In fact it became the largest linen thread mill in the world, giving Lisburn a richly deserved international reputation.

By 1914 it employed about 2,000 people and until recently some 300 workers were still employed there, with the work-

force dropping to just 85 in recent years.

Among the company's varied products were nets, which could be made into snares and fishing nets.

The company built a model village for its workforce in Hilden, which consisted of 350 houses, two schools, a community hall, children's playground and village sports ground.

Lisburn became the envy of the world thanks to its Linen and Thread industry and now the last remnant of that history is to close its doors for the last time.