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Report - Barham Primary School (RNAD) - Trecwn - May 2014


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One of the reasons I love my job is that it takes me around the UK allowing me to visit these places that I may have otherwise not seen. Barham primary school is a ruin but sparked my interest when I saw other reports. Upon getting to the place I saw a caravan (which others mentioned about) but as I hate sneaking around I went straight up and asked for access which I was allowed but told to be careful as it's falling down.

Sorry for the grainy pictures, I forgot my camera on this visit so had to use my phone!

There's not a lot to say about the school (read, nothing on Wiki) however here's what we know. Built in 1877 with funding from the Barham family, the school was for the residents of Trecwn. When the RNAD opened next door, many of the service men's children went to the school. However when the RNAD was closed in 1992 the number of children fell until the school closed in 2001.













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Yeah, I know sometimes when exploring you need to be "stealthy" but as I said in another topic, I explore alone and to be honest, I'm a bit of a coward. If I'm doing something I may get in trouble for my heart beats so fast I can't be healthy!

I'm glad I went though, it was a lovely place but it's just falling down. As you can see from pic 8, I walked in to the room and glad I was going slowly as the floor was just gone.


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Glad you found it. Looks virtually the same as when I went. Did you have a look at the RNAD next door? Wasn't doable when I went..


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Yeah, major thanks PCWOX for helping me with the details of this. :)

There were cars in the RNAD grounds but there were also people walking their dogs within the grounds and many of the buildings looked vacant. So I'm not sure whether cars were local people just making the most of the parking or if there were still people working there. Saw some kids playing in the car park as well. Lots of signs saying the actual RNAD base was private made me not even bother - Last thing I needed was to not turn up to the customer site in the morning because I was locked up. ;-)

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