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Report - Barker & Briscoe Brickworks - Moreton June 2012


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I admit that this isn't the most exciting of Reports, but I'd been wanting to do it for some time as I've known about this place for 30 odd years (family members used to work there).

As I couldn't find any reports, I thought I was the first to splore this place, but on trying to find some history on t'internet, I found that it's already been reported on another Forum back in 2010 - (drat!!)

Wish I'd read that report before I visited the site, as I'll explain later.

A Brickworks has stood on this site for over 100 years, and the clay to make the bricks was excavated from the same site. Dennis Morgan Jnr. aquired the site back in 1981 and the quarry's that were excavated for the clay were back-filled with household waste from Liverpool by Morgan's fleet of tipper Trucks.
The site was also a base for Morgan's other business's including his wife's Civil Engineering business 'Brock', and his skip business 'Wirral Waste'.
In it's peak, the Brickworks could produce 230,000 bricks per week.

The site closed in 1991, although there has been plans over the last few years to re-open as a Landfill Site once again.

On with the pics - apologies for the poor quality (I need a new camera)






I wondered what this was, but on close inspection it's a giant raft made in the shape of one of Morgan's Tippers (probs for the Mersey Raft Race?)









Every Industrial Site Report has to have a 'Red Button' shot!!


I wanted to take some pics of the quarry, but as I got to a certain part of the building, I saw a sign that I was just going to take a pic of - it said "Warning - Dogs patrol this site" I though yeah right, and it was at this moment that I was greeted by the biggest and loudest Rottweiler and German Shepherd I've ever seen!!!! I gave it toes, and just got over the fence before they got to me and my arse was twitching like a rabbit's nostril!!!!

The funny thing was - it made me feel young again!!:p:
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