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Report - Barmouth ROC Post - Gwynedd - Jun 2011'


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Hi all please be gentle as this is my first post on ROC sites visted.

Found ROC Barmouth today, and must say the outside is starting to look like it has taken an attack for what it was built for in the first place.

I looked at the previous post report from 2001 i think, so some 10 years on and it has took a battering.

Hatch is falling a part with rot and rust, the sealing frame is about to break totally up, the hatch is still secured with a large rock only as per last report,

The small vent shaft louvres are missing and filled with rubble / rubbish, it has the metal dome with flange wedged in the small vent shaft.

The main vent shaft has been smashed badly with the reinforcing rods all visible.

The hatch as i said is very rotten but still under spring tension, i did not enter the hatch as there was a small farm down the hill and peeps mulling about watching what i was upto in the field. i did lift the hatch some 4" just to see if the ladder was still there and it was, also the white walls look fairly clean and intact,

The floor seems to be under water from what i could see through a 2" rusted hole in the hatch.

I replaced the rock and then proceeded to climb the metal ladder to the aircraft look out post, there are some artifacts strewn to the right on the ledge of the look out, there seems to be i think one of the bed frame from the post, also some metal tubes and a rusted metal object.

Inside the lookout on the upper level there is much tree growth and metal roofing from the lookout lying on the floor, inside the lower level lookout there is the BT cable still hanging from the wall, you can see where possibly a telephone etc was drilled to the wall via three drill holes, the tin roof is is showing holes and could collapse i reckon so be carefull if entering, looks like local chavs use it for the odd rasterfarian old holburn or the odd bottle of white lightning.

Would go back and enter hatch and post if i get some wellies and ask if the owner wouldn't mind me updating this site.

Here are some pix take today June 26th 2011.














Hope i did my first post right and look forward to visiting more posts.



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