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Report - Barmouth ROC Post - Merionethshire - September 2015


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1968 Closure, situated at the top of a large bank overlooking Barmouth Bay. The concrete is in very good condition, the ventilation shaft is missing its louvers. The hatch lid is partially detached and rusted through. This is the best 1968 Closure i have ever visited. The original boxes for GZI, BPI, Protective Clothing and other ROC Equipment all remain although mouldy and damp. The packing straw has been removed and is strewn across the floor. If you can't stand the smell of decomposition then maybe give this one a miss, as the three dead rabbits on the floor covered in maggots will make your stomach turn! A brick built aircraft post stands on an elevated point above the post and is in good condition.




As you can see, lots remains, including paperwork - which for a 68 closure is almost unheard of.

Krypton :)

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