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Report - Barnes hospital 03 09


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I first went here in 2005 – (The shots are posted in here) but never entered the main building for safety reasons as I was alone.
Finally I went in with Darkscore and Light_arted this Sunday and spent 4 hours exploring.
It’s a big building with lots of rooms (Most of which have rotted floors), it’s a shell and quite shabby but it’s still enthralling to walk around.
We managed to evade the security but for a couple of close calls, one of which I was yards from being discovered and would have been had I not smelt his cigarette.
I took over 240 pics and have painfully picked these ones out.



The tower. Bloody high!







A scary cabinet.




The bell housing! The bell is gone but the hammer remains.


I spotted a water tower just out of sight behind the main building, and the pump room.




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