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Report - Barnes Hospital - Manchester - 10/04/2009



Been meaning to get into this for a while now, and being that Friday was a bank holiday I figured it was as 'good' a time as any ;) Did a bit of quick research on the forum for places that were local, might be interesting, and looked do-able.

My list went as follows:
1) Alsthom, Trafford Park
2) St. Thomas' Hospital, Stockport
3) Brinksway Air Raid Shelter, Stockport
4) Victoria Baths, Manchester

So I grabbed my camera gear, jumped in the car with my mate and set off.

The first stop couldn’t have gone any better! I thought it seemed a bit odd that the place hadn’t featured on the forum for a while, but it was so nearby that we had to check it out. Not much to take photos off apart from a few stacks of palletes, apparently the building has been demolished :)

Undeterred, we zoomed off down the motorway to Stockport to check out the hospital that I’d seen on a post by Rookinella: http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=37766

Parking was straightforward, but we couldn’t seem to find any obvious entrances and the presence of security cameras kinda spooked us a bit. After wandering around for a bit looking decidedly dodgy we decided to give it up as a bad job.

Moral was low.

I realised at this point that I had absolutely no idea how to get into the air raid shelters, and Victoria Baths seemed like an impregnable fortress after the previous two failures of the day. We needed something simple, somewhere we could walk straight into, then it dawned on me. Barnes hospital!

Ok so it’s probably been done a million times, and it was gutted by contractors a few years back. But it’s grade II Iisted and has appeared on Most Haunted so I was sure that there would still be some reasonably interesting photo opportunities on offer.

Access was a doddle. After trying out a few SAS style manouveres in the bushes, we spotted some kids walking around in plain view and decided we were being a bit over-cautious. Whilst we were getting set up to take some exterior shots we heard one of the kids yell “Securityâ€. So we legged it in through a wide open doorway and headed straight up to the third floor.


Although the ground floor had been completely stripped, with even the plaster on the walls removed, the third floor still had some items of interest. Mouldy old tables, roof slats, fire doors, peeling paint, broken tiles, even a kids school blazer and a small room packed with rusting lockers. This was more like it.









Still a bit conscious of the ever-present security guard we decided to head down to the sub-ground level. Again, most of the rooms were empty but you could get access to the lift shafts and some sub-floor sections behind rusting red metal doors. Also, parts had become a bit water logged due to rain in the afternoon.




On the way back up we stopped to take a few pictures on the ground floor. While I was trying to work out how to get into the clock tower I walked confidently round a corner straight into the person who we least wanted to meet. Rumbled!




Luckily he was the most chilled out security guard you could possibly imagine. My mate even went as far as calling him “a lovely manâ€. Unfortunately though, our trip was at an end.

Higher res versions of my photos can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37361472@N06/sets/72157616709490770/


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