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Report - Barnes Hospital, Manchester - March 2015


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Barnes Hospital, also known as Manchester Convalescent Home, in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, England, is a former hospital. It is located on the border between Manchester and Stockport near to the A34 road in the middle of the complex interchange between the A34, M60 motorway and M56 motorway. Whilst the hospital was constructed in a rural setting, it is now surrounded by roads. Opened in 1865 by Robert Barnes, It operated throughout the world wars, caring for injured soldiers and patients with tuberculosis and yellow fever. It was later used for older patients and stroke sufferers and closed in 1999 after healthcare budget cuts. It later temporarily housed a large group of refugees from Kosovo, appeared on the TV programme Most Haunted Live and was briefly occupied by travellers in 2007. Although the building was promptly listed as Grade II after its closure, it has reached a critical stage of dereliction. It remains an easily identifiable for passers-by, sitting on a mount overlooking the surrounding roads. It is recognisable for its eerie and sombre Gothic aesthetic reminiscent of a monastery.

The hospital was sold in 2001, and was for a number of years owned by Realty Estates who allowed the listed building to fall into a state of dereliction. It was later sold to the Irish property development group Benmore for a sum estimated around £12 million. The company proposed a new 128 residential unit development around the hospital building but it was never submitted to the planning authority. In summer 2013 the council approved plans for 300 homes to be built on the site but no work was ever carried out and new, modified plans are now set to be submitted to the council by property developers Henley Homes. The development, to be known as Barnes Village, will see 155 new homes built on the site with 38 constructed within the Gothic Grade II-listed hospital building, including townhouses and 16 apartments. (Source: Wiki & Manchester Evening News)

The Visit
Our first urbex trip, heard that there's not much worth looking at in the hospital but went and had a look round anyway. The place is pretty much a construction site now, the main entrance was locked and a fence runs around the whole perimeter. Managed to find a way into the grounds that but the whole building is fully boarded up (there was a possible entrance round the front but there were builders drilling round that side so we didn't bother trying)

View from the main entrance



Some sort of generator building within the grounds - nothing except a few generators and a fusebox








Nice bit of artwork left by a previous explorer?


Would have liked to get some photos from the inside but judging by the amount of rubble lying around there probably isn't much left to take photos of :rolleyes:


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I visited the site in the early 1960s dealing with a planning application, it was very isolated and rural in character. There was a large pond, almost a lake within the grounds.


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Thanks guys, will definitely try and have another look round before it's demolished/converted. I'll keep an eye out for that pond as well


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First place I ever got caught with my business partner, there was a team of polish/Romanian builders living in portacabins on site. Told us they weren't aloud to tell us what they were doing!!! hmmm....


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I just posted up a question in residential on the Aytoun Street Campus for MMU in Manchester City Centre.

It has been sold and looks empty @Bigian88

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