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Report - Barnes hospital may 2014


Never stop exploring :)
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The explore

Its was a very sunny Saturday afternoon after much debate with decided to drive over to have a look. on arrival we could hear a noise which seemed to get louder the closer you got and from distance we saw a white cabin. Dam it but so not to be a wasted trip we thought we sneak around the back. once inside its was pitch black on bottom floor but tried to stay away from the front. so we thought we go upwards found out most of stairways were blocked off but we got though after wishing I was a size 0 :0).The walls were bare brick and beams exposed the way the sun was shining in some parts of this place were beautiful. well after having a short break in one of rooms we decided to carry on exploring which was short lived busted!! someone was shouting get out now!!! Could I can though the door block in panic nope only reason I could of needed a change of underwear was they said a dog was being sent in. Anyway when we got out greeted by a women trying to have ago at us and saying we must leave though the front we said no left the way we came in she insisted on joining us.


Barnes hospital Cheadle was built in 1871 and closed down in 1999 due to a cost cut of 2 million pound but in the same year it got grade ll listed status. The building is most known for its gothic appearance and it can been seen from surrounding roads. It was also known as Manchester convalescent home the hospital operated though the war treating injured soldier . There was also a fever hospital on site treating people for tuberculosis and yellow fever which were on isolation wards. The main use for the hospital was for geriatric care and stroke patients over the years the hospital treated over tens of thousands over 115 years as convalescent home.










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Well done there clarey looks like a interesting place


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I worked at Barnes in 1974, it was uses as the location for a horror film around that time , ' the Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue ' I have a VHS copy


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Also known as "Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti" (it's original Italian name), which translates to Do Not Profane the Sleep of the Dead
A bizarre film indeed. Some of it was filmed in the Lakes also. I will be digging it out now to see Barnes back then :thumb

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