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Lead or Rumour info - Barnes Hospital (Stockport)


The Massive Mancunian
28DL Full Member
Whilst visiting the site a few days ago I had a chat with one of the security guards on duty who advised 50-60 contractors will be on site for the next few weeks as the building will be demolished to make way for an apartment complex.

Whilst this has been widely reported for a number of years, I was advised the floorboards have all been removed to stop people breaking in and all of the windows have been boarded up.

If anyone wants to get in and take snaps, it looks like this is the time to do it as the building wont be around much longer :(


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I've never been, I've heard there was 2 guards and the stairways are fenced up.


Staff member
The place is still accessible, I only drove past it the other day

Quite why anybody would want to visit an empty shell these day's is beyond me, but let's not forget we all have to start somewhere and sometimes poking about in 'shells' can turn up summat useful

I started off exploring soggy Asylums, Hospitals & Factories which are no longer, it was a good introduction to bigger and better things

Times have sadly changed and much of what might inspire people to get on the ladder is slowly disappearing by the day, as many sites suffer under the mechanical high reach or the ever popular mysterious fire

If you have a burning desire to see Barnes, then I offer you this advice; Where there's a will there's a way ;)

And I don't mean breaking in or anything naughty as we don't condone that here.. just use your noodle and look for a chink in the armour, as can assure you there will always be at least one possibility

Good luck on your continuing adventures, oh and if you are worried about german shepherds, A.) Take dog chews, B.) PM me or Bigjobs for further advice on said canines :D


The Massive Mancunian
28DL Full Member
Just read its getting converted not demolished :thumb
There's been rumours about its fate for a few years, a conversion being the main topic - from the work I saw being carried out, it seems like its being repaired (to a point) but security advised they are actually removing bits from the building and knocking it down in the coming months.

who knows, his English was very ropey so he could be wrong.


28DL Regular User
Regular User
I went for a look in 2005! I'd heard about the raves there and wanted to see for myself. There were adjacent more modern buildings which vanished around 2008.
Then 2009 I went back and got a great set of shots - including through the clockfaces!
Grade 2 listing is not infallable!
It is just a shell now but great exterior, the best explore days are long over.


The Massive Mancunian
28DL Full Member
Ironically I have a number of friends that went to said raves around 5 years ago, its incredible to believe it used to be wide open - comparable to today where its boarded up and has a number of 24/7 security guards.

Whatever its fate - its still a stunning building from the outside!


Staff member
Its true that its a shitty shell on the inside, but the building itself is very nice externally and if it is to be demolished its a shame, as its nice to see it poking out through the trees when driving past.

Least there will always be "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" to see it in its former glory.