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Report - - Barnsdale Tunnel 1200yd Long!! | Underground Sites |

Report - Barnsdale Tunnel 1200yd Long!!

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Visited on Saturday with Biofox and mi Dad.

Thanks to RikJ for the location :thumb

Lil bit of history on this one for ya....

"The Hull and Barnsley Railway 1885-1967

A group of Hull business men who were tired of the stranglehold which the North Eastern Railway and the Hull Dock Company had on the port decided to build their own railway and dock. The Hull, Barnsley and West Riding Junction Railway and Dock Company was formed (1905 shortened to Hull and Barnsley Railway).

There were great plans for the railway to reach most of the West Riding, Manchester and Liverpool. However, due to continued financial struggles they only reached Stairfoot 4 miles short of Barnsley. The line started at the deep water Alexandra Dock which was built and owned by the company.

The line crossed difficult terrain, doubling the 2 million estimate. Making the line the most expensive substantial length of railway to be built in Britain. At Barnsdale a 1,226 yard tunnel under the A1 had to be cut followed by a sheer sided cutting through solid limestone to Wrangbrook. After 5 years the 53 mile main line from the Dock to Cudworth was opened for goods traffic on the 25th of July 1885."

Equipment Used:

Canon 300d
Camera Phone
Plenty of torches

Set off around 1pm hoping that the rain would hold back enough for not to get caked in mud again. Found the tunnel surprisingly easy, you can clearly see it from Google earth. Just acquired a canon 300d on loan so thought i'd give some long exposure shots a go. I think they turned out ok, if anyone's got any comments or tips i'd appreciate the feedback.

Just getting a feel for the camera


Bloody fly tippers!


Burnt out 4x4 - seemed rude not to get some arty shots


Quite a few fire extinguishers round 'ere


Bit more macro shooting


Ooh those chavs know how to smell good :wanker


South Western Portal


More chav damage


1st attempt at long exposure


250 yds done only 1000 more to go!!!


Massive vent shaft. Couldn't get a decent shot looking straight up tho :(


Looked to be a spring from a train


Used torch to illuminate mortar


Bridge reference?


Yet another fire extinguisher, too bad it was empty


Biofox looking very cool in silhouette




Classic pose


And last but not least....... the regulation light writing!!!


Not really a lot to see inside the tunnel, but it's worth the visit just to see the sheer size of it.

Thanks for looking!!!!!!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Barnsdale Tunnel 1200yd Long!! Pic Heavy!

Glad you made it Ragamuffin. It's quite unusual in that both portals are completely open. Why do tunnels get fenced off? What do people think is going to happen in them? The only thing that looks to have happened at this completely open tunnel is that a couple of cars have been pushed into the cutting and torched.

I'm not going to hijack Ragamuffin's thread with my pics, well, except for this one :D 'cos it's a favourite.


Done with a 2 million candlepower torch pointing up a vent shaft, 15 second exposure.