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Report - Barnsley Main Pit - July 2014

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Barnsley Main Pit - July 2014

Another one from a earlier this year... So much to catch up on!

Pretty nice little pit complete with winding wheel, been a West Yorkshire born and bred lad myself I couldn't the opportunity to have a good look around here when the opportunity presented itself! Some nice features in here, but for me it wouldn't be mission accomplished until I was stood on top of that tower between the winders!! :)

Anyway a little history courtesy of the BBC and then on with pictures!!

The loss of 361 men and boys, some as young as 10 YEARS OLD, was caused by two separate explosions on 13 December 1866 at Oaks colliery and is commemorated by a nearby memorial that is also listed.

Barnsley Main colliery eventually took over the workings of the Oaks colliery.

There were also disasters at the site in 1847 (73 deaths), and 1942 and 1947 (22 fatalities in total/

The surviving engine HOUSE and the pithead structures at the disused colliery have been listed as Grade II.

Similar structures have all but disappeared following the decline of the industry during the 1980s.

Deep mining had taken place on the colliery site since late Georgian times.

In 1984, before the year-long miners' strike, there were 170 working collieries in Britain, EMPLOYING more than 190,000 people.

Only three deep coal pits now remain in the UK.
Now On with the pics, the Black and white pictures where shot on my Olympus OM-2 with Ilford HP4 400ASA Film, anyone who's interested!


Are you living the dream?







Now to the Top!!!



And Finally... Let's play, spot the Wanderer ;) taken on my mates phone


Cheers for reading chaps, many more to come as and when! :thumb


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Don"t mention backlog mate :)

Nice ones from a nice place :thumb

I called round the other week as i was passing, and was shocked to find out it had been sealed up :eek: Actually welded plates up on the access point...... saying that the usual suspects had already been down with the big hammers :wanker

And i should add, the best view of Barnsley from the Headstock :)


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Remember Oaks colliery very well as a kid We were always told it was haunted due to the amount of people who had died in it.

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Cheers guys!

I have to say I'm surprised they bothered to re seal the place tbh, especially with it been Barnsley and all that :/ Not surprised the pikeys have already made an attempt at getting back in though!

And yeah I wouldn't fancy spending the night there, might just be me, but the place did have a slightly weird feel to it...


av u seen my marbels
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I like the one before the mobile pic, but like that too.. Think I need to go see one of these for myself, loads of fun to be had

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