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Report - Barnsley Pool House


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28DL Full Member
Sadly the house has since been demolished some time recently, drove past the other day and the site was completely empty.
This was my first explore from a while back. Only a few photos since I took them on my old phone and these are the only ones I ever put online so there isn’t anymore sadly. Found this one online labelled as the ‘Barnsley Crocodile Pool House’.
The house doesn’t have a huge amount of history, there was also very little I could find online. I found an article stating the house caught fire in 2011 and suffered a lot of damage, especially to the upstairs. This was evident as at the top of the staircase as the floor and roof was pretty much gone, the floor is too unstable to stand on. The house layout is unusual, no traditional staircase, just a spiral steel staircase in the central room, a swimming pool and multiple small offset rooms that’s don’t seem to be fit for purpose was a little unusual. Still cool none the less.
The explore was pretty simple, easy way in and easy way out, no real issues. From what I saw online from last year the house had a bit more vandalism than expected. Sadly the crocodile pool inflatable wasn’t there and there was way more rubbish in the pool but it was still a fun explore for 20ish minutes.





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