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Lead or Rumour info - Barnstaple, Devon


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28DL Full Member
So i had to go to the police station a couple weeks back, whilst there i realised the old council building is empty, after a bit of research i found it shut 2 years ago and i never even realised! Doesn't look like there is any access but i didn't stick around to have a good look.
It would be a great explore being such a towering building built in the 60's. The only down side is the courts and police station are right next door! Always been rumours of there being an old bunker underneath but no evidence. When i get time i will through my work gear on and have a scout around!



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28DL Full Member
That's just like the derelict Civic centre in Plymouth - I was caught by the Police whilst trying to find a way in to that one.
Let us know if you make any progress with this one.