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Report - Barnton Quarry ROTOR Bunker, Edinburgh, Jan 2010


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Visited with dweeb, Rooks & OT.

Barnton Quarry is on the edges of Edinburgh and was originally a WW2 Operations Room for fighter command, it then had a ROTOR bunker built next to it and then finally it all became a RSG government bunker. it was sold in 1992, it would have been mint but then someone set fire to it...

We got in and were slightly let down by what we found, burnt, damp and sooty as hell. Still, you could see the original features and it was good for some pics. Almost ready to leave, OT comes into the main corridor and beckons, come this way. It's an easily missed doorway that leads to the always amzing long downslope into a ROTOR bunker.

The Goodness is found, it's two bunkers for the price of one!

Climbing over a burnt out transit into the ROTOR brings you into probably the most asbestos ridden place in the UK. We're all going to die. Still, it was pretty amazing, very photogenic and on the level below the area where the fire burned are some mint plant rooms and there's also a telephone exchange and radio room. Well worth seeing :)

Level 1 - WW2 Fighter Command




Lower Levels ROTOR \ RSG




If Orbs are anything to go by, there was a ghost\angel conference going on here:



Access was great, sucked in through the ventilation....

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