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Report - BARON HILL MANSION ...anglesey , july 2015

scotty markfour

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named after the hill it stands in beaumaris ,anglesey,wales , during the english civil war king charles I was invited to set up his court there by the owner colonel thomas bulkeley.
mansion was originally built in 1618 but totally rebuilt in 1776 for lord viscount bulkeley by samuel wyatt with an additional ice house and a lodgehouse.
during the great war death duties soaked up the family fortune ,making it impossible to maintain the house n grounds .
during world war 2 the royal engineers were based there along with some polish troops who disliked the place they where billeted as it had big drafty high ceiling rooms that were a bastard to heat , so they started a fire to get rehomed ,this caused the house to be gutted ! the army in there great wisdom did rehome them by erecting tents in the house grounds .(meh)
august 2008 plans were submitted to restore the house into luxury apartments and as we urban explorers know this rarely comes about nowadays !
i would say because this house has been decaying rapidly since the early 40s , that this sight would be more suitable for the photographers than the urbexers .
THE VISIT- after a 20 min walk through the woods we found the place ! it was like something out of LOGANS RUN when they find the ancient civilisation that was left behind long ago , the place is heavily overgrown and a bit of a CARRY ON UP THE JUNGLE adventure , a lot of guesswork has to be used to see how the place was in its heyday , i have added a picture of when king edward the VII took tea there in 1907 and the house itself in 1911.
visited with new member Cazel#HT ,
baron hill 2.jpg
bow 1.jpg
bow 2.jpg
bow 6.jpg
bow 9.jpg
bow 10.jpg
bow 11.jpg
bow 13.jpg
bow 14.jpg
bow 20.jpg
bow 22.jpg
bow 23.jpg
bow 24.jpg
bow 28.jpg
bow 30.jpg
bow 31.jpg
who was of great assistance that day .


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good report mate. i enjoyed the trip, nature is reclaiming the site, i love how youve captued the contrast in your photos....especially like pic 10 x


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More a ruin than a derp, but looks like there is plenty of stuff left to see.

Great report!

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