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Report - Baron Hill Mansion - Beaumaris, Anglesey - February 2017


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Baron Hill is an estate in Beaumaris, Anglesey, named after the hill on which it stands. It was established in 1618 by Sir Richard Bulkeley, as the seat of the influential Bulkeley family , who were originally from Cheshire, until William Bulkeley was appointed Deputy Constable of Beaumaris Castle. He then married one of the daughters of Gwilym ap Gruffydd ap Gwylim, a local big cheese, and began the accumulation of land and public offices, which eventually lead to the Bulkeley family being one of the largest landowners in Anglesey.
The house was built in 1618 during the reign of James the 1st and was re-modelled in the Neo-Palladian style in 1776.
King Edward VII visited Baron Hill and had tea on the terrace in 1907. Shortly after this, during WW1, death duties soaked up the family fortune and made it impossible for the family (by then called Williams-Bulkeley) to continue to maintain the house. They were forced to move into more modest accommodation nearby.
Baron Hill was then used for storage until WW2, when it was converted into a billet for Polish soldiers. Apparently the old house was so cold at night that the Poles burnt down part of the building in the hope that they would be transferred to warmer accommodation, but this backfired on them, as they were re-housed in colder wooden huts in the gardens.

Our Visit
We wasn't sure if we was ever going to find this place, its so overgrown with trees covering the driveway, we wondered around for ages in the green houses and thought that was it. But eventually we found the main building and 'wow'! Nature is definitely claiming it back, and as we had taken the kids with us on this one didn't want to venture too far in as some areas were unsafe for them. We will be returning to explore more in the summer.











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Nice pics! Returning for the third time next weekend - please could you direct me to the structure with the stone pillars (not sure what it's called?)? I can't find it for the life of me and it would really add something to my video. Also, did you find the pet gravestone?

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