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Report - Baron Hill Mansion Beaumaris, North Wales, 2014


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Not an easy place to get to but well worth the trip.


Old range Cooker..



Had to crawl down the stairs of this but not to my knowledge there was a much easier way through a gate :/

Would you walk over this?

Most of the floors have caved inn...

No idea how this is still standing..

Had a bit of a shock when I turned the torch on this in the cellar lol..

How it looked back in the day...

Some history:
Baron Hill is an estate in Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales, named after the hill on which it stands. It was established in 1618 by Sir Richard Bulkeley as the family seat of the influential Bulkeley family.

During the English Civil War, Richard's successor, Colonel Thomas Bulkeley, is said to have invited King Charles I to take possession of the house and set up his court there.

In the eighteenth century the house was the seat of Lord Viscount Bulkeley,[1] who maintained Jacobite sympathies. The Neo-Palladian style is obvious from the curved facade of the building to the terraces, follies and balconies; this was the style adopted during the 1776 reconstruction of the mansion by architect Samuel Wyatt. However, the mansion was originally built in 1618. There is also an icehouse in the gardens and a lodge house.

In the nineteenth century the occupants of Baron Hill remained the dominant Anglesey landowners, possessing estate also at Llanfairfechan and other parts of Caernarfonshire.

During World War I, death duties soaked up the family fortune and made it impossible for the family (by then called Williams-Bulkeley) to continue to maintain the house. In World War II the Royal Engineers were stationed at the house. It was later damaged by fire, but the shell of the house survives.[2] Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley lives at neighbouring Red Hill.

The Bulkeley Memorial (at

53°16′21″N 4°06′49″W) was built on the crest of Baron Hill in 1875. A golf course was added in the 1880s, and Baron Hill Golf Club occupies non-woodland areas of the estate.

In August 2008, plans were submitted to restore the house and turn it into luxury apartments

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