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Report - Baron Hill Mansion, Beaumaris, Wales - Aug 16


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28DL Member
It sounds more like Urbex Natural Selection at work :D

Why can"t you just type Baron Hill Mansion Beaumaris into a Search Engine or look on Google Earth :confused:

You will not see it from the road as it"s so overgrown. Only one of the old Gatehouses ? is visible as you drive under an old bridge that accessed the Mansion.

Beaumaris Castle is easier to find ;)
I might have another go soon :) although i could get to the farmhouse i didnt see any paths leading towards the mansion there. It bugs me that we were so close! Looks liks such a beautiful place


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28DL Full Member
cheers. Its easily done, the first time we spend a good 1-2 hours trying to find the collonade - its easy to get lost :-)
Please could you tell me where the hell the collonade is? Heading back for the third time this weekend - gonna film a video - and determined to find it this time. Failed on the previous two occasions. Also, did you find the pet gravestone?

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