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Report - - Barratts Crane - Colchester - 14/03/07 | High Stuff |

Report - Barratts Crane - Colchester - 14/03/07

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Perfect night for it! Only a shorty compared with Beetham and the like but it was well sketchy. Much easier to fall from this one that others ive done, no cages around some of the ladders and the platforms have conveniant holes in them eveywhere! :crazy

Good fun tho! :D


Tonights subject in fetching yellow/blue colours


Spot the other UE locations!


Nice blue lights on the flats next door


View down


Did'nt go right to the top in the end


Should have left my hood down for this shot i think.

Had a scare when security turned up on the site below and i thought id been rumbled but after 10mins or so they cruised off again. Must do a check every now and again.

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