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Report - Barrington Cement Works, 2017-2018


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28DL Full Member
Barrington Cement works was home to one of Cambridgeshire's chimneys and had an impact on the railways and towns throughout it's lefetime. After accidnetally discovering it a few years back we have made multiple visits and found things from Gas masks to Control Rooms. So I thought I'd put a report together of every photo (well not literally) i have from each visit right up to the demolition.

You might notice a change in quality, due to the fact I started using a camera in 2018.

Right, That'll do.

More photos on my Flickr



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28DL Full Member
Nicely done mate! Really enjoyed my day here, some bits there that I missed. How is the demolition coming along do you know?
Chimney is gone so is the Kiln, control room, powerhouse and work is starting on the silos. The mill and slurry mixers still stand.

Chimney demo video here: