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Report - Barrow Gurney Hospital, Bristol, April 2013


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28DL Full Member
Being the first proper abandoned place I had visited I was completely fascinated, and terrified to say the least. I had heard Barrow was a good place to start with abandoned places, definitely not wrong there! It was inspiring, so unusual, to be walking around somewhere that 10 years ago would have been a place of chaos.

The history of Barrow Gurney was pretty awesome too. A hospital that was built to help solve the over crowding City of Bristol Mental Hospital, however during its construction, the out break of World War II caused it to be used by the Royal Navy, treating those who has been injured or were suffering from psychological distress. After the war finished, the Hospital returned to treating those with mental illness. The hospital then continued to do so until 2006, where it was closed down due to the uncleanliness, it was thought to be the dirtiest hospital in Britain.

The hospital was slowly being knocked down, from what we can gather this has happened in the last 6 weeks or so, so i feel lucky to be able to get some pictures of this wonderful place before it completely disappears! So here are a few of my favourites! :)




The Place was covered in graffiti by JPS, no idea who they are but their work was brilliant and added to the atmosphere!




The lighting in the attic looked awesome!