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Report - Barrow Hospital - Fire & Demolition


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Having been up a couple of times recently - two big fires

Avon Fire & Rescue Service - Derelict buildings well alight

Avon Fire & Rescue Service - Fire at derelict hospital site

The east villa has been pretty much gutted and the second fire took the roofs off about 1/2 of the administration block left.


On top of this they've also started a final round of demo. They are currently digging out the service tunnels around the north side of the site (sick ward, villas and engineering yard)

It won't be long before the rest is either a) burnt down b) demolished or c) both. So if you'd planned to get down there, for what little is left, get down there as it's now also the school holidays and the neds will be smashing up what's left into oblivion.

It used to look like this about 6 years ago, happy times.