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Report - Barrow hospital - Mother and Baby Ward.


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This visit took place in August 2014.

This is a old hospital the only remaining part of the building was the mother and baby unit and couple of lab buildings.

Theres currently alot of construction going on at site , some has been flattened and we didnt get there in time to see that , but some is still there with some amazing graffti work.

To get to the ward dont try go through the main gate as its alarmed and got lights everywhere plus its next to a residential area , we park to cars down one of the roads and headed for the fields once in the fields google maped the location and walked in that direction there was a lot of climbing and pushing through bushes so if your not up for a adventure i wouldnt reccommend going to this place.

managed to get a few pictures of inside before we left ...

From the entrance of the ward:


Graffti of freddy:


Crazy Women:


Another crazy women:


Leatherface graffti:


Scary clown was right on the front of the building as you came out the bushes so if your scared of clowns dont go first:


Systems report we found on the floor:


Staircase inside the hospital:


delivery shoot inside the ward:

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Good stuff mate, might want to add a month & year to the title :) i usually forget as well lol
That crazy woman graff is pretty cool! Did you spend much time inside?


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Looks interesting. :)

Think you need to add the month and year of your visit to the title of the thread, helps when things get archived I believe :p

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Love the Freddy Kruger graffiti it's strangely perfect, shame the hospital itself looks pretty much like a derp :)


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Despite what people are saying, there is actually a little bit more than this still there! Good effort though, next time try and get back during the day (unless you prefer it at night, each unto their own) :)


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yeah it was awesome some of the graffti! we was there for about a hour or two, we made sure we seen everything we pyhsically could because some bits are a little dangerous they had a door leading out to well your death if you walked through it but all together was a great visit.


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yeah yeah your right mate there wasy quite alot ! .. there was some other buildings like labs but they were smashed up completly like falling down so we didnt stay long there just walked straight through and made a move for the big ward.