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Report - Barrow Hospital, Somerset - May 2013


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(I'm a new member and this was my first urban exploration, and I feel a great one to start!)

I visited the abandoned psychiatric hospital with a friend. I was excited as I had been interested in visiting the site since I heard about it in October 2012. Not much of the natural dereliction remains as people with not-so-innocent intentions have been attracted to it. Nevertheless it was an amazing experience, but I don't ever want to go again because it was bloody terrifying. If anyone is planning to visit and wants UPDATED details of entry/travel/safety message me and I'll be happy to share!

I decided to make this post (even though it seems to be covered already a lot) because I searched through the forum and noticed a LOT has changed since some reports from early 2013, so this is an up-to-date report on the site and it's current state.

Site history:
"By the mid-1920s, the existing City of Bristol Mental Hospital at Stapleton was suffering from serious overcrowding. Construction began in 1934 and although the hospital was not officially opened until 3 May 1939, Barrow Hospital received its first patients in May 1938 with the complex still only half-built. In 2003 the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust announced its intention to close Barrow Hospital by 2008. By 2004 only three residential wards remained open. Demolition began in 2009 and as of March 2013 6 buildings remain standing."

On with the photos (in order of... seen?):








Hope these show some of the changes to the rooms (and some more that hasn't been previously documented!)

- Rustybones


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