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Report - Basement of the Former Bristol Magistrates Court - September 2013


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This is sort of a follow up report to one I did over a year ago. HERE


The Basement

One thing that has always fascinated me about this place has been large labyrinth of a basement. However, due to flooding in the lower level basement, I never got to see all of it .. until now anyway! :)

Since demolition work has started on this magnificent building, they have been draining the lower basement. There was still about 1-2 feet of water but it was no way no way near as bad as it was!

Not wanting to get our feet wet, we made our way through a hole that had been knocked through the wall in the old archive room and there it was, the basement we never saw! It was a large machinery room with massive air circulation units, air ducts and a big electrical switch board. Over the other end was a door that led us to corridor with a leaking water mains pipe, an office, a hatch going down into the sewer system and a stairwell going up to a fire door to the outside.. I still haven’t figured out where exactly though.







It was great to finally see this before the building gets demolished. I'm really going to miss this place! :(

Thanks for looking!​

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