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Report - Bass Maltings, Sleaford - June 2010


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Another site we took in on our recent roadtrip. I know there's been a fair few reports from here recently, but we visited and took the pics so I'm gonna post them up anyway. :)

Had a bit of a twist this explore did. We'd been there about 2 hours and had worked our way down to the buildings closest to the entrance when we saw two police vehicles drive past the front of the buildings inside the compound - bugger that's not good. They seemed to circle and drive away again so we didn't think a lot of it and carried on. Then we noticed a party of around 10-15 people at one end of the carpark area out the front. Hmmmm, wonder what they're doing here?

We think they were on an official tour of the site from the owners agent, possibly prosepctive buyers for the site which is still up for sale? Damn, we were cornered as there was pretty much no way out without being seen so we cautiously made our way into one of the buildings that offered a good view over the site and basically waited for them to bugger off. Had a close call at one point when they actually came into the bottom of the building we were in, luckily they didn't venture upstairs - hardly surprising given the state of the floors!

History (Borrowed from elsehwere on 'tinternet)
The Sleaford Maltings were established by Bass in 1901, with production beginning in 1906. There are 8 Malt houses, Drying Kilns, Boiler House, Beam Engine House, Water Tower and other Buildings. Originally the Maltings were designed to have 16 malt houses which would have been opposite the current eight and would have doubled the size of the complex.

The malting's remained in production until 1958 when they were closed after changes to the way that malt was produced. The buildings went on to become a chicken farm / food process plant which ws closed following the construction of the neighboring housing estates.

This place is pretty big, but quite trashed in parts which made exploring it interesting. There's substantial fire damage to some of the buildings, and the rest of the remaining ones are in a reasonably poor condition, floors are quite sketchy in most of the buildings.






The water Tower/Engine house was the most interesting part really.


Mainly because of the awesome Spiral Staircase.


And the View from the top.





This is the group of people who showed up while we were inside!

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