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Report - Bass Maltings - Sleaford - September 2015


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This is my first report and my first instance of urbexing.

I won't be adding a history of the factory as many people before me have done so.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in September I decided that I'd waited long enough and I was going to visit the Bass Maltings with a couple of friends. I was the only one photographing on the day as the other two were just interested in looking around. I'd passed it many times before on the train and I've also seen many other reports on this site and others; I knew I had to visit at some point.
We arrived at around 11am and it didn't take long to find a convenient entrance someone before us had carved.
It was almost a surreal experience taking the same steps I'd seen taken many times on YouTube videos when I was researching the place. I think it's fair to say I was a little overly excited. I made sure to keep my voice down and take gentle steps, however. The careful steps were a must due to fallen floors and a loud echo.
We spent a fair bit of time in the first three buildings closest to our entrance and we were about to move on to find the main attraction: that beautiful spiral staircase. Unfortunately it was around this time that we heard voices and the fencing surrounding the area shaking. We realised after a moment that it wasn't security but a group of teenagers looking to explore the place. They weren't exactly quiet about it though so it was at this point we decided it would be best to leave before security did show up. Needless to say I was a little disappointed I didn't get to explore more but I was happy with my first experience and I hope to have many more.



I'd love to hear any criticisms or tips for improvement anyone would like to offer!


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28DL Full Member
This is often the best way of remaining undiscovered...it's going to be the loud ones who get caught first, whilst you can remain hidden :thumb
Haha, exactly. I'll definitely have to try a second time though! It's a shame because up to that point everything was going smoothly!

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