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Report - Bassaleg Mortuary, Newport - Feb 2020


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Bassaleg Mortuary, Newport, South Wales

(not to be confused with St Woolos hospital mortuary just down the road)

If anyone knows anything more about this one then please feel free to share, but I cannot find any history on this little mortuary. It's located on the edge of the new Carnegie Court housing estate in the Bassaleg area of Newport. It's a 30 sq m single storey building which is currently up for sale if anyone wants a morgue to add to their real estate portfolio!

Features just the one slab (ooooooh), one fridge with capacity for three bodies, two toilets, an office and a viewing area. The power is on, which was a delayed but welcome discovery for us.

Thanks to @END-PROC for the mighty fine company and @mockney reject for the lead in the first place :)


Nothing 3p1c but not bad for a nights work all the same. Posted in here in case anyone else wants a look in!​


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Probably a council mortuary? Next to the ambulance station which cant be a coincidence!
Yeah I too thought this rather coincidental! The access into the grounds for it is directly through the ambulance station grounds too.

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