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Report - Bath Underground Tour- March 2012


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~Had my first taste of underground stuff yesterday in Bath. Got a text from d86 last week inviting me to join him on one of his regular mine trips.

Was very excited to finally have a chance too see them so was quick to accept!

Then, typically, a few days before the trip and a week or two before I go abroad I sprained my ankle at the gym. Nonetheless I decided to risk it and didnt regret it!

We set off early at 9 as he had to be back for two. Was joined by few members of his family and we headed straight to Browns Folly. Was pretty cool seeing railway tracks. Wish I did more light painting down there now that I think of it.

Heres the famous ladder and pool with my shadow for a unique effect.


We then headed off too see the Swans mine quickly and see the famed crane.




Then we headed of to Box mines to see the cathedral. Coming round the corner I was blown away by the power of this sight. Would be an amazing setting for filming too.

I struggled to get a decent angle with my 35mm lens so used my standard lens and got right back.

Was also shocked at the huge hole that someone could quite easily fall into! Beware!


The advise d86 gave me of moving around a head torch quickly so the sensor didnt pick up the movement was very helpful in lighting up my pictures effectively!


We finanly finished at the Farleigh Downs tunnels. This place is clearly trashed up but I loved the entrance and steps down into the tunnels and the graff inside was pretty cool too.



Cheers to d86 for being my guide. You definitely need one if your going to do these mines to stay safe and not get lost.


A must for anyone in the area and i'm sure il return after my travels.



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