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Report - Batley district hospital, June 2020.

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Construction began on Cottage hospital located on Carlinghow Hill in 1881. The Earl of Wilton officially opened Batley and District General Hospital on Easter Tuesday 1883. The hospital would go on to serve the town for more than 100 years, with a number of extensions and improvements throughout this time. In 1908, a casualty department was built, along with two extra wards and an examination room, and in 1928, a £40,000 extension saw the hospital acquire a brand new entrance, kitchen, an X-ray department, a number of nurses' rooms, two more wards, a casualty room, two operating theatres and a sterilising room.
The old hospital was known as Batley and District Hospital until 1948, where it was renamed Batley and District General Hospital after the NHS was formed.
The hospital served as a health care institution and provided medical treatment for patients through specialised medical and nursing staff and medical equipment, until its closure in 1988.
After its closure, part of the hospital became the Carlinghow Nursing Home, before its doors shut for good in 2011.
For years, the building became increasingly dilapidated, until 2014 when Zakaria Muslim Girls’ High School bought the site. Planning was underway for a £1,500,000 overhaul to house over 250 pupils but the project stalled, and a major fire in 2017 damaged the building severely which meant the renovation never took place.
As of 2020, new plans are in place which indicate the former hospital would be partially demolished to create 20 apartments and 20 terraced and detached houses on the site.

So been a while since ive posted on the forum so please excuse if i forget the etiquette of posting a thread, Batley hospital on the face of it looked a decent explore, big grand front entrance with some lovely stone mason work and the grounds were not over grown too much. On entry it was apparent the place had been thoroughly gutted by fire and was halfway through a renovation, Most of the original features had been ripped out and walls had been plastered, Some new roof tiling was also evident in some areas also. After taking in the damp plaster coated floors and open windows i started to see that decent piks were going to be hard to come by so i changed direction and focused on the darkness the fire had left. Opting for a dark and moody look i used the fire damage to some sort of advantage and proceeded on. I found a few original bits and once i got some relatively decent piks i started to enjoy the explore only leaving when it became hard to shake the dry throat and regular cough to dislodge the dust.
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