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Report - Battersea Picnic Station, London 02/06/09


I should have danced all night
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The hottest day of the year so far at 25 degrees, we made the last minute decision to gather together our cucumber sandwiches and head for the roof of Battersea. The plan was to meet at the normal place (Portnalls Road has become the street to leave one's car for a reasonable length of time before embarking on an explore which isn't through the bush and under that fence. I'd been camping it up in Primania buying neon socks and chunky fake Raybans so predictably, we were running behind schedule.

A few confessionary texts and we learn that Siologen and Loops are already there so we battle through the traffic to meet them. Bright eyed and bushy tailed as always, we make our way into the power station and up to the roof as quickly as possible to catch the fading light for our picnic. The route to the roof wasn't as straight forward as we expected but we got there in the end.

Each of us reveals what we brought to the table and it's pretty clear some put in more effort than others. Loops had a lush organic range including brownies, goats cheese and super juice. Alias had a Ginsters. Silo had a bar of chocolate and I contributed some Irish Lucky Lollies :D The brownies went down very well especially as they were a milk/dark chocolate hybrid-gobble gobble munch munch.....

One can of K cider and Siologen was a little more out of his tree than when we first arrived. The people shot posing, including 10 second handstands and shoulder boogying begins. I blame the sugar consumption. This is how all relaxed explores should be. Air is playing on the mini speakers and Alias is geeking it up on his new phone (I can't wait until the bill arrives-tee hee hee)







It's getting a bit chilly and late so we decide to have a mooch around the rest of the power station. We popped by control room B but it's been sealed along with quite a few other doors which make navigating the building confusing. Next stop is the tunnels which are a bit dusty so thankfully there's enough dust masks to go round because they make us all look very professional and sexy (note to self-wear dust masks more often). I'd never seen the tunnels before so I snapped away and torch waggled whilst the others climbed around like naughty monkeys. It's people shot time again!












Well, it was a steller night and 2am by the time we came out so more adventuring was out of the question because we were all sleepy explorers. I can't remember getting to Croydon or how I made it back to Brighton without crashing the car actually :crazy That's enough for now anyway Jubjubs, what a lovely picnic! Moar please!​

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