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Report - Battersea power Station August 2013

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This is a site that's been on my list for ages but been put on the back burner. so after seeing some recent reports from the site i thought id go and give it a crack, quick thanks for Ojay for letting us know it was doable.

I headed to the site alone as thought it would be best to solo the place as the site was very well lite up and wanted to move quickly without been seen. However once i got there i realized there was a festival on that had taken place that day so it was full of stuff in no mans land. So after a bit of ducking and diving around the site i finally made it to A side. Then became the challenge of trying to find the control room, after about an hour of working it all out i finally found what i was looking for the A side control room. Not wanting to stay to long as i knew security was patrolling around the site as i had seen them on a number of occasions with some near misses, i took my photos quickly and left to head for B side. After some more ninja's skill i got to B side however unfortunately couldn't find control room B. So headed to the roof and chilled there then it was offski.

Just a note to anyone trying this security do patrol a lot and the place is very well lite up, you need a bit of lady luck on your side.

now for the Pictures.







A Pic of the festival site.


Cheers for looking.

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