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Report - Battersea Power Station, London



I have visited Battersea a number of times over the past few months - struggling to fit in everything this amazing site has to offer between the hours of darkness and my last train home. Because of this i appologise if the report is a little pic heavy. Although this is from 3 trips, I decided to report it all together rather than in multiple 'mini' posts :thumb

For those who aren't aware of this iconic buildings past, Battersea served as two individual power stations - one built in the 1930's and another built on to an identical design 20 years later. Station A closed in 1975, followed by B in 1983 due to the increasing operating cost and the shift away from using coal in producing electricity. Sadly, this amazing site is in bad condition largely accredited to a developer hoping to turn it into a theme park but running out of money (not before ripping off the roof and exposing the foundations to flooding and water damage) Subsequent developers have since struggled with funding due to the now large cost of renovation before any new development can even begin


Every time i approach this building it never gets old just how epic it truly is. Every trip has been very different, ranging from a solo explore to a group of 7 of us. There is so much to see, and it is a huge shame it has been allowed to get into its current state (although obviously allows for a brilliant explore :rolleyes:)

To start, the view of Battersea looming from across the river


The rooftop




Controll room A




^ Portrait of Ali_explores

Controll room B


And finally, a group shot in the white room


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