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Report - - Battersea PS (Cranes and Control Rooms) - 2/10/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Battersea PS (Cranes and Control Rooms) - 2/10/07

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28DL Full Member
... After DF's last report and great images, and wanting to go to this iconic building since being a kidl, I pesuaded DF to take another trip (didn't take much).

Our intentions were to crack the dock cranes as from what we could tell they hadn't been climbed before.

Access can only be described as hot! Cameras, multiple fences, security, cleaners, floodlights, ribbon mesh, ...

Once in the compound things get slightly easier with the immnense openess of the whole place. Since DF's last visit access to the dock area had been made easier. In front of the dock area were at least a dozen containers, which gave plenty of cover from both the lights and the dome cams along the river.

The pier is a vast concrete affair, railed for the cranes movement.

The cranes could only be described as 'dangerous', so take note if going anywhere near! Hulky great relics from the industrial era gone.

Preventative measures had been taken to block access to these, with chopped ladders, and mesh halfway up. We chose the crane on the right as you look at the river, the lefthand one had rotten wooden decking, and sketchy ladders which were a definate no-way! The steelwork of the righthand crane was buckled in areas and highly corroded, and real care should be taken on all areas. Death awaits a fall. The wheelhouse is still intact, but carries a foul odour of pigeon (and many pigeons), bats, and asbetos signs, strong enough to stop us entering, as does the motor area behind it. Up top gave a nice view of the surrounding area, with ladders up to the crows nest (very dicey), and out to the arms end (not for me).

Clearing the dock and heading inbound, we sifted through a few offices, with the intention of finding Control Room B (1950's). Searching around the area we found it quickly, but access was tight with boarding and padlock. After much thinking and searching for other possible entries, one last jiggle of the hasp, and it fell away from its hinge! It looked like somebody had 'played' with it before. Inside had been shot and logged before on here, but to see it for the first time was amazing! Pure quality from another age! Snap, snap, few comedy poses and we're gone....

On first entering the compound, and accessing the innards of the building via the SW chimney area we noted an area locked, and restricted, we a high level scaffold inaccessible without climbing gear and big balls (which I hadn't either). After clearing Control Room B, we took a closer look. We had found the locked 'Whiteroom', and areas surrounding this earlier, but still now access to the above level. The steel outer door was not gonna budge, the low-level window was barred, and the room above had the boarding removed but a firmly bolted internal door. Access needed thought....

Lets just say we found a way into the SW quarter. This gave access to the roof, and the SW chimney. The much sort after Control Room A (1930's) was also boarded and locked, but again the hasp was loose (workers loosing keys I think). Control Room B was special, but this was a different league!! Huge dials, levers, ornate wooden cabinets, and famous street names. Yes it had been done before, but again this was our first viewing... Stunning!!

Click, click for a few hours, few more comedy poses... Lock the place down as tight as when we entered and out...

A special night!!

Spot the DF.

Old mesh deck.

With DF's faceless hoodie, I needed a costume (again a hidden DF). :D

Pigeons and bats.

On top.

DF's got a technique of blending in.

Control Room B

Control Room A

More to follow.....

... Plus a further report on this weeks adventures.
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