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Report - Battersea Utility Tunnel B - September 2013


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Visited with bauhausgirl, JasperB and kevin arnold​

Two tunnels built in the 1920's that run under the river Thames to either side of Chelsea Bridge carrying HV electrical cables. A third tunnel also exists that was used to carry steam from the power station to the Churchill Gardens Estate.
For the past month or so me and Jasper with countless other people have been spending far too many nights at Battersea Power Station and on the journey to try and see everything Battersea related it lead us to this. Recently it was reported as being flooded but we thought it was still worth a look just to see if that was correct (turns out there's 2 rather large sump pumps down there so flooding shouldn't be an issue).

After speaking to BHG and Kevin they agreed to go and show us. Access was one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever experienced but was a good laugh nonetheless that just added to what was a great night out. Massive thanks to BHG and Kevin for being patient with us and taking time out to take us here.

We also had a brief look at Tunnel A but that is very tightly sealed and looks to of been so for some time, maybe one day that will be doable again though!













Thanks for looking :thumb