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Report - Bawdsey R3 bunker and site, Suffolk, January 2016


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I'd heard before that the bunker here was totally trashed but I found it in fairly decent condition, albeit with not much left in there, and enjoyed exploring the bunker and surrounding buildings.

Bit of history from Subbrit...

In 1935 Bawdsey Manor Estate in Suffolk was selected as the site for a new research station for the development of radio direction finding and the Manor House, close to Bawdsey Quay was taken over for this purpose. Following this research, the first Chain Home radar station was developed on the site being handed over to the RAF in May 1937, two years later 15 Chain Home stations were available for use around the coast.
Bawdsey continued in the forefront of the expansion of the radar network with an AMES Type 2 Chain Home Low on a 200 foot platform on the southern (No 4 of 4) transmitter mast. (each mast was 350' high). Towards the end of 1941 Coastal Defence Radar was established making Bawdsey the only site in the UK with three types of radar (CH, CHL and CD) in operation. By August 1943 Coastal Defence was changed to an AMES Type 55 Chain Home Extra Low (CHEL), again this was mounted on a 200 foot platform on the northern (No 1) transmitter mast.
Bawdsey is listed as being operational with both CH and CHEL in 1948. In 1950, the station was chosen to participate in the ROTOR programme which should have been operational by January 1952. Work on the R3 two level underground control centre at the northern end of the site began late in 1950. Bawdsey was designated a GCI/E site utilising 1 Type 7 Mk3 on an R7 building remotely sited on Alderton Marshes, 2km north east of the site.
Not claiming to be a great photographer or offer anything new on the site but probably one of my most enjoyable explores!


Radar plinth

Hardened storage

Guardhouse/bunker entry turnstile

Upper spine corridor

Lower spine corridor



Emergency stairs


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28DL Full Member
Stripped maybe but certainly not trashed is it?


av u seen my marbels
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Still a cool site all the same :) I see you did not even bother taking any images down below either

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