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Just a thought... BBC Television Centre is abandoned now they've moved over to Broadcasting House so...
Might have a reccie and see what the secca is like.


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Went to visit over the weekend, only the skeleton of the main building still stands. Also the site seemed very active with builders and secc.
However, round the front site of the building there were screens on inside and didn't look abandoned.


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It was a bit of a ridiculous site, with beam sensors over the majority of fences, high walls, regular security patrols and hoards of IR cameras. Probably wasn't impossible, but I could never be bothered to put much effort into it to be honest, and then when they removed the huge satellite dishes I lost interest completely.


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Someone put a report somewhere? Permission visit I think. I looked ok, nowt spectacular but I guess they might have missed plenty.


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I visited a couple of times when an old friend was working for Newsnight - its not that special inside until you get to the studios and the galleries.

The one thing I remember was the sound box in the newsnight gallery and the incredible speakers - totally soundproofed right next to where the technical directors sat.

Also quite clever how Newsnight and the politics show on a sunday morning on BBC One were the same studio back then yet both looked totally different.


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I believe half the site is still live, as i know people who work there for BBC Worldwide. But a lot of the iconic stuff has gone, like the Blue Peter Garden etc. Getting in isn't the problem, it's the huge number of cctv, dedicated security team and magnetic pass door locks everywhere that makes it a pain once inside.