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Report - BBQ at Puiselet Sand Quarry, Nr Paris, April 2009

Oxygen Thief

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In April, our French friends Oxs and DirtySkeme invited us to Puiselet for a BBQ and beers. We scooped up Skeme from Porte de Orleans in Paris and headed out to the countryside. By the time we got there we were of course fashionably late, we let Skeme do the explaining in French, he probably said "...these Engleesh pigs, it's all their fault..." We met up with Oxs and his friend, sorry, I forgot your name, at the railway station nearby. and parked in the most unusual place. To be honest I wasn't expecting to see my car ever again, or see it burning or ploughed into the ground. Never mind.

We made our way into the quarry, got a fire going, cracked open a beer and got some food going. I just remember the first bite of that perfect chicken, and then some more.

In time, the others went for a walk around the quarry, I stayed outside and got more food going, and found plenty of wood for the fire.

Eventually, we ran out of everything, and hit the sack. I remember being so damn cold that i built the fire up and snuggled in to it, about 2 inches away from setting myself alight, in the end I got up early and had a mooch around. Before you know it, we were back in Paris.

Just a quick thank you to Oxs and DirtySkeme and friend, it was a great night, thank you for the invitation.

Here's a few pictures...

Strange shapes in the eroded rock...


Oxs and Skeme...


Skeme, with Dweeb posing in the background...


And the morning after...