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Report - [BE/FRA] Legionaires Tour (Apr 2016)


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We completed a road trip to Belgium a few weeks ago and we visited 13 sites, of which 8 we could access. Here's a summary:

Tour de la Famanne [BE]
We'd planned this as a stop off to stretch the legs. The information we had was old though, as the main attraction, a 100m or so tall tower, was locked with video surveillance, having been recently bought by a Dutch business man who plans to reopen it. Next door is an abandoned water slide and bowling alley, the latter of which was locked up tight.

Full set: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/bel-tour-de-la-famenne/ (HDR)



Dépôt de sable [BE]
Located next to HF6, this facility was used in the cleaning and recycling of powdered waste (coal sands, glass etc). Massive site.
Full set: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/bel-depot-de-sable/




Villa du Martinet Noir [BE]
No history, other than it may have belonged to someone in the medical profession. Quick explore as it was mostly empty.
Full set: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/bel-villa-du-martinet-noir/


Le Bureau d'Etude C [BE]
Former manufacturing factory and design office for industrial boilers, the company merged with another company in Brussels, leaving behind the design office and labs. The former boiler factory has long since been demolished sadly.
Full set: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/bel-le-bureau-detude-c/




The White House [BE]
Looks to have once been a former weekender house in a remote part of forest, now it is all build up with new houses and a new two lane road going past the house. Photos from a few years ago looked good but now decay has set in and is mostly trashed.
Full set: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/bel-the-white-house/


Maison aux Mexican [BE]
Stumbled upon this on the way to Indiana Jones Farm (see below). Mostly empty but room with magazine cuttings as wallpaper was cool. Apparently there are 5 houses in the area that are abandoned but we only visited two.
Full set: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/bel-maison-aux-mexican/


Indiana Jones Farm [BE]
Second house in the village, this one has a barn full of old Land Rover IIA's. How they got there I have no idea, and how they're still there is an even greater mystery. Attached house was empty, except for a dead cat.



Pensionnat Catholique [FRA]
Former catholic boarding school for girls run by 60 nuns and up to 560 girls, the site is partially in use today as an elementary school for the village. Apparently the local council has bought site hoping to convert it to a community centre. Stopped by here on the way home to stretch the legs.
Full set: http://urbex.photosbydenn.is/fra-pensionnat-catholique/




Thanks for looking!


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28DL Full Member
Hello Beaker, I have been to the bowling tower myself during nighttime about a year ago. Sadly the restaurant that is at the bottom of the tower was active at that point and I couldn't manage to enter the Bowling Center as people were watching. I asked the manager of the restaurant since when the Bowling Center was closed and he told me that it closed its doors 7 years ago.

Great shots of the domain by the way and great reports for the rest of your locations, I really like your posts! Thanks for sharing!