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Report - Becket Street Miscellany, Derby – October 2021


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A couple of bits from along Becket Street in Derby, nothing amazing but having a nosey makes trudging around city centre buying boring things much more enjoyable.

Former Poor Law Offices / Aruba Nightclub

‘Originally built as the Poor Law Guardians Office by Architects Giles & Brookhouse in 1864-69 and enlarged by Ernest Ryley in 1890-93.’

‘[…] The ground floor offices were occupied by the rate collectors and assistant overseers and the first-floor offices by the clerk of the guardians.’

In the 1980s the building became home to a bar called ‘Berlins’ and lastly a nightclub called ‘Aruba’ in 2001 until closure in the mid-00’s. During its time as Berlins one of its main attractions was a ‘pretend’ time machine which was installed in 1996 on the ground floor.

Situated on the corner of Becket Street and Bramble Street it is in my opinion one of the prettiest buildings (externally at least) in Derby city centre. I’ve always fancied a look in here in the hopes that somewhere upstairs there’d be some long-forgotten lavish dated offices hidden away… But nope, not even close.



Some recent Matrix inspired artwork by Soap


Love the lion's head thing


Inside it was stripped with standard garish nightclub colours





The only relic from its former life as the Poor Law offices, a large stained-glass window over the staircase... 'blessed is he that considereth the poor'


Forester House

An office block constructed in the early 70s on the corner of Becket Street and Newland Street which formerly housed the JobCentre Plus until early 2018 when they moved into the Council House on Corporation Street.

The name ‘forester’ comes from the fact that the Drill Hall for the Sherwood Foresters formerly stood on the same spot until it’s demolition in 1970.

The former Sherwood Foresters Drill Hall on the corner of Becket & Newland Street


Since the closure of forester house there’s been separate plans for conversion into 59 apartments and more recently a 110 bedroom hotel under the operator easyHotel.


Super empty office spaces





Up on the roof


It's not particularly high at only 5 storeys but several city centre sights can be spied including the cathedral and the clocktowers of the guildhall and library


The half demolished Pennine / St Peter's Hotel can be seen dead ahead, I did have a quick shufty around it but it was all sheeted up for asbestos removal unfortunately. In the foreground is Padley House which is to be demolished along with the neighbouring Dubrek studios in the ongoing Becketwell area mass redevelopment.

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Nice, always worth keeping an eye on local stuff - a lot probably gets converted/demolished with no record.

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So the shopping trip went well. ;)
I must admit those colours in the night club are awful. Looks like a kids play room in one shot. As you say it does have a rather nice stained glass window and those tiles are not bad either.


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Nicely done mate. I agree, I enjoy looking at local stuff. We all go to the busy locations but always more satisfying finding the stuff on your doorstep.

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